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Brian And Joelle Burdett

Thank you very much for visiting our website. As many of you know, this cause is very dear to us, as both of our fathers are battling lung cancer. There has been tremendous progress made with regard to this disease recently and we want to help continue that effort.

We sincerely appreciate any support, big or small, that we can get!

Best - Brian and Joelle



raised of $7,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. GSGail Schultz
Joelle and Brian, I hope this donation gets you closer to your goal thus furthering the treatments of your Dads. I will be thinking and praying for their cure and recovery. Love to you, Gail Schultz
2. JYJennifer Yarbrough
3. BMBill Mendrop
Praying for your family.
4. BSBrian Stromen
Your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers, and lean on us Partners at work to help cover for you. That's what partners do for each other.
5. LHLoy A Hughes
6. CECameron Evans