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Diane Jordan

Hello, friends! February marked 9 years since I was diagnosed with LC. This will be my 7th walk for BJALCF. All 6 previous years, I was top individual fundraiser. Not a task easily accomplished, when you have very little personal support. I'm kind of taking a less stressful approach this year.( My friend Coni took it upon herself to be our team captain. muah, Coni!) Any and all donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated! Be sure to research Charity Navigator and check BJALCF's rating. The highest possible. I wouldn't have been involved with them for so long, unless I knew they are, not only accomplishing amazing things, but great humans. With the cred to back it up. After all, my life depends on reputable organizations. So, be secure in knowing that your donation goes where it needs to go. Thank you, to everyone who has donated in the past, and hopefully, the future. Love you guys, Best - Diane



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In memory of my mama, Lydia Bernier and for my beautiful friend, Diane xo
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